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As promised...

Rome, Italy

Sorrento, Italy

Burano / Venice - Italy

Santorini, Greece

Dubrovnick, Croatia

Sunset while on the cruise :)

As promised, here are some more picture from my adventures in Italy and the Mediterranean this past summer. As I continue to go through my over 5,000 images - I will be sure to keep posting more.

Fire-Poi Typography

How cool is this!? Fire-spun typography - took designer {Nir Tober} about 15 hours, 2 sessions, and 30-50 shots per letter to successfully complete the whole alphabet.

Yorktown Road

I think these textile accessories are really nicely done - very simple and clean. Carol Gilbert, the designer of {Yorktown Roads}, uses materials drawn from the natural world and alters them with random folds, pleats and seam-lines. She uses linen and wool because of their beauty and versatility, allowing the texture and form of the original material to shape the work and enhance particular aspects of the textile in order for them to be seen in a new way. All of the work is produced in her small workshop - the fabrics are hand-dyed, she drafts all the patterns herself, and she constructs each piece.

She also makes these great wool coasters with re-purposed leather on the back. Love them!

All of these can be purchased on her {Etsy} shop.

Why didn't I think of this?

This very well could be one of the most exciting developments in the bakeware department and I am not quite sure why I didn't think of this a long time ago. I am personally a fan of the crispy edges of a brownie and so are many of the people I bake them for. This is a pretty smart way to solve the problem of being left with a pan of just the middle part left. This {Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan} can be found at {Sur la table} - one of my top favorite housewares/kitchen stores.


Mother/Daughter Jewelry Design Team

I love these! The handmade sterling silver necklace and earings set is really well crafted and contemporary. Check out the work of {Karen and Crystal}, a mother and daughter team of jewelry designers.

Baby Changing in Style

Why not even change your baby in style? These are pretty adorable. They are made with a bold designer print on front and soft white terry cloth on the back - she has even designed matching bibs and other gifts too! Check out more work by Allisa Jacobs, on her {1000 Markets} shop called {Quiltish}.

KERN Rings

Being the type nerd that I am, I think these acrylic {KERN rings} are great! Not sure how practical it would be to wear, but love the idea.

New Math

This is probably one of the most annoying things, well maybe just for artists/designers? When someone looks at modern art and expresses their dislike - their reason being "I could have done that..." When I saw this site full of these cleaver math equations on {More New Math}, I couldn't help but post this. Though there are several really funny ones, this was my favorite. Really though, if you think you could do it...THEN DO IT!

Pisco Reservado Packaging

Though Pisco might not sound like the most tastey drink...it is apparently the traditional drink in Chile. The reason I posted this, however, is not for the contents of the bottle but for the packaging itself. I think it is very well done. Nice use of typography and graphic elements that carry onto the design of the box that the bottles come in. This was designed by Edward Pearson from {GRAFIKART}


Arranging Books by Color

Not only did I post this for how ridiculously cool it looks and the work that probably went into making it look this good - but really the main reason was for the quote that I found on {Apartment Therapy} that went along with it - pretty inspirational:

"...organizing his books by color allows him to discover new and unexpected relationships between books he knows well already. When two unrelated books are forced to occupy the same shelf simply because of their spine color, the shelver is asked to think about whether they have ideas to share between them. Perhaps, the designers of these chromatically-related books saw something in the books' content that even their authors did not. Maybe their ideals share a common hue?"
– Rob Giampietro, {On Arranging Books by Color}

I think similar ideals can be taken into consideration in our day to day life - perhaps finding commonalities in people/places you may have never though would...? I denno - something to think about.

Mawok Hammock for Babies!

Though I think I might be a bit too neurotic to use this one day, I still think it was super cool! {A great design} - with both permanent and mobile solutions. It also has the option to be hung from a tree for those days at the park! This product has been tested and proven to not only be safe, but to solve a lot of the problems that cause sleepless nights for babies (and their parents) - between the rocking and the position in which they lay in the hammock. Some might think this is just plain strange - but I love its stork-like cradle design!

Megan Auman Designs

{Megan Auman} is an artist and designer focusing on jewelry, metalwork, and pattern design. She received her BFA in Metalsmithing from Syracuse University and her MFA in Jewelry/Metals from Kent State University. She currently runs a studio based in Jonestown, PA. I love her work! From the cuffs/cozies to the ottomans and baskets - they are all creative and really well crafted. She is recreating furnishings and pillows using floral patterns rendered in steel wire - eliminating the need for internal structure. The idea is to create objects that visually signify the ideals of the home, rather than functional objects. She highlights the tension between comfort and display (when there is a loss of function), which is her opinion of the contemporary home.

Live What You Love

I just wanted to start tonight off with some inspiration. I am a firm believer in the message being presented by these letterpress posters - LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE - by {Hijirik Design Studio}.

Functional Pet-Friendly Furniture

I may not have pets, but it doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good idea for pet owners when I see one! These are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing as well. Visit {DenHaus} to see more of their cool products. If you have to use a crate from time to time - they have some really nice alternatives.

Framed Display Shelf

As I have mentioned before, I love seeing different ways to reuse objects (either functional or decorative). This specific one incorporates a bit of both. Originally intended as a {CD storage shelf} by Heal's, this cool vintage frame around small cubby holes, is now being used as a display of mugs! I'd say that 134 euro for this is a bit pricey - but this can very easily be turned into a DIY project. Check out some garage sales/swap meets and see what you can put together :)

Lace Chain-Link Fences

I can think of several industrial/functional things that are in desperate need of some cosmetic work - sprucing up, if you will. Chain-link fences are definitely high on that list. I'd say this is a pretty awesome solution. Dutch Design House {Demakersvan} are the designers of this - explaining that fences are signs of how we have cultivated and modified the environments we live in. They see it as "hostility versus kindness, industry versus craft." Now if only we can replace old, ugly chain-link fences with lace fences like this!


Thymes ~ Gorgeous Packaging

Although I already talked about {Duffy & Partners}, one of their projects was my absolute favorite and I felt it deserved a more detailed post of its own! The work that Duffy & Partners did for {Thymes} is the most beautiful set of cohesive packaging I have seen in a while. With a large line of products, each piece is design with extra care and attention to detail that is specific to that product. One of the parts that stuck out to me the most was even the bar soap was imprinted with the design of that particular set. Great work!

Duffy & Partners

Designing to make a difference, {Duffy & Partners} is proud that their creativity and creativity in general is being welcomed in millions of homes around the world. They explain that design has never been so appreciated, as it is today. The world we are currently living in, has been presenting consumers with many more choices than at any previous time in history. Design has the great ability to inform smart decisions - helping us find our way through what would otherwise become clutter. Duffy & Partners, in my opinion, has perfected branding, design, corporate identity, and packaging. Their work has the ability to carry a brand through many different platforms. This strategic thinking is what makes them so successful. I chose some of the ones that stuck out to me the most, as well as some of the logos I particularly liked, but be sure to check out their site for much more of their work.


Loyal Loot Log Bowls

What stood out to me about these bowls was the beautiful contrast between the natural wood and the high gloss bold colors of the inside finish. These bowls are handmade, using a variety of reclaimed trees. They are made by{Loyal Loot Collective} in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada.

Paper-cut Illustrations

These are absolutely beautiful paper-cut illustrations by {Yulia Brodskaya}. She is a Russian graphic designer based in London. These expertly crafted works of art are truly amazing. Check out some of her other work - pretty impressive!

Christian Lacroix Evian Bottles

These {Christian Lacroix Evian Snowflake Bottles} are a great idea to have on tables at a wedding reception! They are much more elegant than the average plastic water bottle. Though many just go with a simple pitcher, this could make for a nice alternative.


Happy Weekend!

I'll be back with posts Sunday/Monday! Have a great weekend :)

Inspirational Interiors

Over the past couple years, I have been collecting images of interior design that is inspirational to me. Decorating and designing are my favorite things to do - I thought it was time for me to put some of the images of the interiors I particularly liked together to share for anyone else who loves them as much as I do. When your living space is organized and decorated/designed well - your life will immediately be worlds better because of it. It has been proven that a clean space, free of clutter, is calming and actually improves quality of life, emotional health, and overall happiness to come home to a place you are proud to call home.

Roasted Veggies...MMM

Here is another favorite recipe from my (in progress) cookbook. This dish is to die for. It is easy, healthy, has great presentation, and is delicious! Seriously. Try it.


2 large eggplants, sliced into 1/2" rounds
1 cup goat cheese, crumbled
1 cup parsley, chopped
1 jar of red and yellow peppers (or roast fresh)
Salt and Aleppo pepper to taste
Olive oil for drizzling


Start by brushing both sides of the eggplant slices with olive oil. Grill them on both sides until they are soft.

Layer the grilled eggplant with the roasted peppers, parsley, and goat cheese. Add salt and Aleppo pepper to taste and drizzle with olive oil.

See, I told you it was easy :)


Papercut Diecut

So, really, I thought I was insanely anal and detail oriented - enjoying working on very intricate projects by hand - but this takes the cake for sure! This like this, that most people think is nuts, is what I love. I have so much respect for this {artist}. I was first drawn to the dandelion print in the frame, or so I thought it was a print...Little did I know that these are all designs that have been cut of paper by hand. The paper being used is rice paper - it is too delicate for any machine to cut. After reading further, I learned that this is an ancient Chinese art form that can be traced back to ancient times. Absolutely beautiful work!


Sketchbook Covers!

Even if you are not one to necessarily care about the condition of your sketchbook on the outside, as long as the pages are protected, these would probably still come in handy. Not only does it keep your book clean and protected on the outside, but it has the convenience of storing pencils/colored pencils as well. Everything that you need when you go out to sketch or while you are traveling, are all kept together in one package. These sketchbook covers by {KristaMarie} are another great handmade idea!

Passport Pal

Before leaving for my trip to Europe this past summer - I did quite a bit of shopping around at different travel apparel stores. Each one I went to, had the same ugly/boring passport pouches. I saw this and wished I had thought of it myself or had seen this sooner! Great idea {BlissByHeather}.


Orange Jello Slices

The gorgeous weather this week has gotten me feeling like it is almost summer time :) It reminded me of one of my favorite summer afternoon treats: Orange JELLO slices - so delicious - and even kinda healthy!


4 large oranges
3 oz. pack of orange JELLO
2 cups boiling water
2 cups fresh squeezed orange juice


Cut all the oranges in half, from top to bottom. Juice them all and set the juice aside to be used later. Using a spoon, carve out the insides of the oranges. You will end up with 8 orange peel cups :)

Add the orange JELLO to a bowl of boiling water, mix thoroughly until the JELLO is completely dissolved. Add the fresh squeezed orange juice and mix well.

Pour the orange JELLO and fresh juice mixture into the orange peel cups. Refrigerate for 4 to 6 hours, until completely gelled. I recommend resting them on muffin tins or else they might roll around and spill.

Slice the JELLO-filled orange peel cups as you would oranges and serve cold.

This can also be done with lemons and lemon JELLO as well!

Think Twice About Laminate?

Never thought of laminate in a good way? Join the club - that's what I used to think - until I saw these. It seems we now have an option besides wallpaper, paint, or stark white walls. The designers at {B&N Industries} have created an impressive set of wall paneling that will truly make you think twice about laminate. They come in a wide range of colors and finishes with an equally wide range of design choices.


Middle Eastern Politics...

I decided to bring back two projects that I am very passionate about - actually I am really passionate about political art/design on a large scale, but more specifically when it has to do with issues in the Middle East. The first are two versions of my visual interpretation of a poem written by Weam Namou.

I Am a Mute Iraqi, with a Voice.

I am an Iraqi
but was never asked, personally,
what was better?
Saddam threatening to destroy me
if I crossed him politically?
Or tons of deleted uranium, napalm,
bullets, explosives
and other unfamiliar concoction,
besieging me
at some hidden corner of my street?

I am an Iraqi
but was never asked, personally,
what I wanted?
Freedom to vote for men and women
I know little about,
who may or may not better my life,
or to safely be able to step out of my house?

I am an Iraqi
but was never asked, personally,
do I want democracy
or the tradition of my ancestry?

I am an Iraqi
but was never asked, personally,
buy those who've come to rescue me,
have we really benefited you, my dear,
since the day we came near?
Or have we simply made a mess
of your little hut?

Another issue that I feel very strongly about are the injustices being committed by the Israelis towards Palestinians. This set of Amnesty International Human Rights posters I designed, should speak for themselves. For a SHORT introduction and map of the extremely inhumane and barbaric wall being built around Palestine - check out a {BBC} article. {Amnesty International}, {Amnesty International USA} and the {Universal Declaration of Human Rights} were the inspiration for this project.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights #9
No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

- The Israeli Wall consists of concrete sections that are 6 to 24 feet high and when complete, will be 408 miles long.
- The Berlin Wall was only 3.6 to 11.8 feet high and was only 96 miles long.
- The Wall, when completed, will be 80% concrete, and 100% permanent, with fenced parts resembling fences built around the concentration camps. It will place the Palestinians into dozens of isolated ghettos, and will annex - by Israel's standard legal power of 'de facto' change, 42% of the West Bank. It destroys 16 Palestinian civilian villages that have a total population of about 200,000 innocent people.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights #13
1. Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.
2. Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.

- More than 500 Israeli checkpoints are scattered throughout the West Bank, which is roughly the size of Delaware.
- Palestinian students wait at checkpoints, sometimes for hours, to get to school. Laborers wait to get to work, mothers try to get to the grocery store, and doctors wait to get to the hospital. With a wave of a soldier's hand, they may be able to pass through or they may be stuck there indefinitely. Many of the checkpoints close at 5pm. If a Palestinian gets off work late, he or she is then unable to get home until the checkpoint re-opens the following morning.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights #28
Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in the Declaration can be fully realized.

- Israeli soldiers prevent Palestinian girls from going to school in Hebron.
- For Palestinian children, Israeli occupation means the interruption of normal life, including education, social interactions, accessibility to health care, and loss of income for their families. In addition, there is psychological trauma from exposure to shelling, shootings, and beatings that lead to injuries, disabilities and loss of life.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights #5
No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

- Men and women are tortured and humiliated at checkpoints throughout the West Bank.
- Palestinian men and women are strip-searched and even beaten in groups, their clothes thrown into a pile. When they are finally allowed to get dressed, they describe having to rummage through the heap of clothing - naked and barefoot to find their garments. An elderly female victim reported being forced to bend over for an Israeli official to search her internally.

Israel is using American tax dollars in ways that degrade, humiliate, and kill innocent Palestinians - many of them being women and children.


Hemeroscopium House

Hemeroscopium, for the Greek, is a place where the sun sets. This house was designed by {Antón García-Abril}, with the idea of defying physical limits. It was built out of heavy structural elements, defying aesthetics with beams that are perfectly placed, creating an aerial effect. Thought seemingly unstable, this structure was built in 7 days, but took a year to perfect. Complex calculations created the perfect balance of aerial quality and overall appearance. The use of heavy concrete gives an industrial and modern look, but somehow is able to look beautiful in its surroundings. I especially love the pool that looks like it is floating!

Green Windows on Edgemont

I was visiting family in Los Angeles this weekend and while driving down Edgemont Street near Hollywood I saw this really cool house. I absolutely love the wood panels on the concrete walls, the large windows, and the green frames! I couldn't just drive by without snapping a few pics :)

Papaver Vert - Felted Plant Cozies!

There are beer koozies, so why not a potted plant cozy? Based in Northern California, this designer Patty Benson started {Papaver Vert} in 2007, turning her apartment at the time into a creative studio. Her designs are based on form, function, and bold color. Papaver Vert means Green Poppy - a name that is representative of the luxuriously soft but a renewable and eco-friendly material. I think these are awesome - they are first hand crocheted using a wool/mohair blend, then wet-felted through several wash cycles, dried around molds, trimmed and finally steam blocked. Aside from the pot cozies - she also designs and creates other housewares such as coasters, bowls, pillows, and pin cushions. I have made a few posts lately about products made of felt/wool in ways I haven't thought of before.

Kjoo - Experimental Jewelry

Graphic designer, Maria João Ribeiro from Portugal, spends her spare time creating experimental textile. Her designer name is {Kjoo} and her work can be seen and purchased on her Etsy shop.


{Zelaya} is dedicated to creating clothing, handbags, and accessories that embrace fair trade values and transcends trends through traditional and classic design with a contemporary feel. The products embody nature, tradition, and simplicity - products are handmade out of biodegradable and renewable materials, and are designed to they eliminate the use of metallic or plastic buttons and zippers through the use of alternative fastening methods. Zelaya draws inspiration from three main sources: traditional Salvadoran culture, nature, and contemporary life.

Handmade Chic Baby Shoes :)

These little handmade baby shoes were just too adorable and stylish not to share! They are made with quality fabrics and with extra attention to detail as you can see. {GraciousMay} just opened her Etsy shop in January to these precious works of art, selling over 500 pairs since!


Back Sunday Night

Hey guys...sorry, but I am leaving town for the weekend and will not have internet access. I will be up and running again, with enough to make up for missed time, on Sunday night :) Thanks to those who have stuck with me and keep coming back and thanks to the new visitors as well! I hope you are enjoying it. I know in the big world of blogging 776 visits is a tiny number...but for me it is kinda exciting :)


Wisteria Vintage Antiques

I have been getting more and more into this whole semi-antique looking vintage-y furniture. I fell in love with {Wisteria} - a catalog of antiques and decorative items for home and garden - I think many of you will as well.


Colorwheel Quilt

I promise this whole fabric/sewing kick won't be everyday as it seems, but this was cool in that it brought back memories of color theory class during school. This was created by {Purl Soho}, also a great resource for buying fabrics.


I really don't have the time to be doing this, so many other things I should be doing instead, but I am going to visit my grandparents this weekend and I want to take a few pieces I have sewn to show her! She is gonna be so proud :)

Typeface Periodic Table

Whenever we had to study the periodic table in school, I literally wanted to cry every time. I hated it. When I saw this Typeface periodic table by an artist who had posted their work on {Behance}, it actually made me happy. I think this is very cleaver and creative. It lists 100 of the most popular, influential and notorious typefaces today. Table of Typefaces groups by families and classes of typefaces: sans-serif, serif, script, blackletter, glyphic, display, grotesque, realist, didone, garalde, geometric, humanist, slab-serif and mixed. Each cell includes an example of the typeface being used, the name, and the designer who created the typeface, the year it was designed and a ranking of 1 through 100.

Dollar Bill Masterpieces

So in order for me to understand the description on the {site} that I found these images on, I had to enlist a friend/co-worker who speaks Portuguese. So these are works by {Scott Campbell} from Brooklyn, NY, who always presents amazing tattoos, demonstrates here his abilities to handle money, specially single dollar bills. In my opinion, this is a fascinating commentary on the US and money. Very beautifully done, great attention to detail, and one has to have a whole lot of patience to complete a project like this one. I guess you would not expect much less from a talented tattoo artist.

Pistacia Vera / Dean & Deluca

Considering the fact that my very extensive package design project during my last year of college was for a boutique bakery of my dreams, when I saw a post about this bakery, {Pistacia Vera}, on {Paper&Inkling}'s blog - I was immediately drawn to it. The packaging soooo beautifully done and so elegant - but that is not all - the building from the outside, the interior design, the dessert displays, the way coffee/desserts are served - everything is down to an art and a gorgeous one at that. Although Ohio might be a bit far for me to travel to go to a pretty bakery (which I am sure serves delicious sweets as well), but this is just what I think all bakeries should be like.

Pistacia Vera - in a way - reminded me a lot of {Dean&Deluca}, another boutique bakery and also market, that carries out wonderful design from their packaging, displays, store decor - interior/exterior design - their website...not so much :(.

Paper&Inkling - Tastefully Inspired Days

Again, another shop I stumbled upon on Etsy :) Seriously the absolute best thing that ever happened to the worked of handmade art and design! This work is by {Asako Sprague}, a graphic designers, originally from Tokyo, Japan - but is now living in the Mid-West. Her inspiration comes from everything she loves - being in nature, hiking & camping, flower arranging, cooking, baking, window shopping, browsing books at Borders, being in the country, vintage/antique shopping, gardening, etc. She designs, prints, and packages all of her stationary herself.

Check out her {blog} for more of her work and work that inspires her.