Flameless Candle Chandelier

{Kevin Riley} is the originator of this design trend, creating customizable one-of-a-kind lighting pieces. His simple yet beautiful designs have inspired a lot of admirers. One of those admirers is {Restoration Hardware} who has made both the {rectangular} and {circular} version of these flameless candle chandeliers.

Corner Mirrors!

How cool are these!? I am loving the idea of multipurpose decorative pieces. These {corner mirrors} not only look awesome but are actually quite useful! They can be used as a tray to place things like your keys or glasses, or even for men to view below their chin while shaving! They have 8 holes on the rear of each mirror so they can be hung almost anywhere.


All White is Overrated :)

I have really been loving the idea of a bride not having to be in white head to toe. Shoes are one of the parts I think a woman can really go all out with and still remain traditional with the dress. It adds a splash of fun and color - it can also be the way to tie in the color of the bridesmaids dresses. Here is a collection of ones I have liked as I have come across them over time. Whether they are Louboutins or J.Crew - these are all super cute!


Abstract Paper Sculptures

Amazing handmade paper sculptures by {Charles Clary}

Pop + Shorty ~ Design the Pops!

As a designer spending many hours a day working with wonderful web producers - I got a kick out of {this} :)

Grace + Aaron's Wedding ~ Mrs. Design*Sponge :)

Those of you who are avid readers of {Design*Sponge} like me, we have been patiently awaiting the photos from Grace Bonney's wedding! Being that her wedding was being featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, she had to wait until the issue was officially on the stands. The wait is finally over! Here are just a few from the ones she {posted}, as well as some from {Martha Stewart Weddings} site. The photographer for her wedding was {Bethalée}.

Absolutely beautiful and just the style I like! Maybe that's why I love her blog :)



#4 - Lexsea Mann - CONGRATULATIONS!

The winner was selected using {Random.org}

Here is her selection and reason for picking it:
"I loved the {Alessi - Mediterraneo Kitchen Jar Collection} with the red coral pattern over the clear, crisp jars. I inherited my mom's sand collection (little jars filled with sand from all over the world) that I keep in the kitchen. I think these jars with the whole mediterranean, ocean-feel would look great next to these smaller glass sand-filled jars. Plus, I love keeping my kitchen looking neat and contained... and these would be perfect to keep something I use often in."

Here are some of the other items selected by readers:

Thanks for entering and thanks so much to {AllModern.com} for this opportunity!