All White is Overrated :)

I have really been loving the idea of a bride not having to be in white head to toe. Shoes are one of the parts I think a woman can really go all out with and still remain traditional with the dress. It adds a splash of fun and color - it can also be the way to tie in the color of the bridesmaids dresses. Here is a collection of ones I have liked as I have come across them over time. Whether they are Louboutins or J.Crew - these are all super cute!


  1. Great collection.All the shoes are looking very stylish and attractive.All shoes are made very carefully and crafty.


  2. I love the idea. I particularly love the first green ones, who makes it?

  3. You know it girl! I love it! That's what I was thinking with my blue shoes! Something blue in fun flashy way! You can never go wrong with a flashy shoe no matter what event it is, especially a wedding!

  4. Oh...my...God. Love.

  5. i love this post!
    and i looooooove the sapphire blue ones..with the bows and diamonds in the middle.
    i am going to need those exact shoes for my day. :)