Contemporary Meets Arts & Crafts

I adore much of the architectural style that came out of Arts & Crafts movement/Craftsman style homes. I am loving the way {this} 1920's craftsman style has been transformed, while still keeping much of the original character. The high-end modern furniture and chic handmade decorative accents have put a whole new spin on Arts & Crafts.

Binder Clips ~ Cable Organizer!

This is genius! Why go out and spend money on cable organizers when you can just do this?! Found on {Apartment Therapy} .

Open-air Bathroom

Can I have one of these...pretty please?

The Litte Things

I love this kitchen decor found on {The Little Things} blog! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the splashes of color, yet it still has a very neutral overall look and feel. Just my style :)

Natalie & Garret's Wedding Dessert Table :)

So this was my first time doing a dessert table set-up for a wedding :) What better than doing it for the wedding of a close friend!

With beautiful table runners made by the bride's mother, awesome DIY cake stands and framed chalkboards made by the bride herself, San Luis Obispo's Cowboy Cookies, a delicious chocolate cake from Claim Jumper that I decorated with flowers, and 188 cupcakes I made and decorated myself...it all came together nicely in the end :) I had so much fun baking and decorating all of them then finding a way to arrange the whole table to make it all work together. Made me really want to do this for a living...ah...someday :)

The beautiful photographs were taken by {Jake and Necia Odening} from {Mike Larson Photography}. They do incredible work - check back in a few days for some gorgeous photos taken from the whole wedding!


Handmade Thank You Cards!

Here is my first project combining print and sewing! I made two versions - one that says "Merci Beaucoup" (Thank you very much) and one that says "Merci Mon Amie" (Thank you my friend ~ female). I am almost ready to open my shop on Etsy...so if you are interested in these...check back soon for updates on that!

Goldiehome ~ Eco-Conscious Homewares

I came across the home furnishing designs by {Goldiehome} on the {2Modern Blog}. Not only are the designs beautiful and sophisticated, but the products are also eco-conscious and inspired by the geometry and tactility of nature. Goldiehome has begun to set a whole new standard for luxurious organic modern design, all made from certified organic cotton.

Bite™ Produce Bags

With the ever-growing need to be environmentally conscious, there has been a huge move to make a change in our lives wherever possible to help do our part. One way people are doing this is by using reusable grocery bags. Here is a way to take that even one step further! Although we may be saying "neither" to the question "paper or plastic?", we are forgetting all the individual plastic bags we use for our produce. {Bite™} has come up with a solution, designing these amazing reusable produce bags. Here is a little fact off of their website that is more than convincing that this is a great idea: "500 billion (1 million every minute) plastic bags are used each year and are contributing to the endangerment of our environment." SOLD! They even have a drawstring to eliminate the need for twist-ties. These bags are machine washable, durable, lightweight, and made in the USA.

Frosting Practice for Wedding Cupcakes!

A close friend of mine is getting married at the end of the month and I am so excited! Obviously I am excited for them to be embarking on their lifelong journey together, but I am also excited to be making the cupcakes for the reception! The cupcake recipe was set and we were discussing the frosting, both of us agreeing that regular buttercream frosting is pretty sub-par. After some research, she came across a recipe for {Swiss Buttercream} on one of my favorite blogs {Smitten Kitchen}. Though we are going to experiment with adding some flavor, I made my first attempt at making Swiss Buttercream and it was a success! Mmmmm buttery goodness :)