My New Baby & Holiday Baking!

Here is my new baby! I am now the proud owner of a brand new "green apple" KitchenAid stand mixer! Here is the start of our journey together ~ a little holiday baking.


~ Holiday Cards ~

Here is a selection of some of my favorite holiday cards from all that I have come across lately. As you know, I am obsessed with letterpress...so most of these are letterpress designs, of course! They are from {Oblation Papers}, {Elum Designs}, {Bespoke Letterpress Boutique} and a few others. If you are in the San Luis Obispo area...be sure to check out {Paper Sky} ~ Jessica carries a lot of these cards featured above in her store. I have been telling myself for the past few years that I will start early and design my own Christmas cards, but some how each year flies by and by the time I realize, it is usually to late. I might still try and shoot for at least designing an e-card! Stay tuned...


Before & After Chair

This before and after chair project was a recent favorite of mine from {Design*Sponge}. Absolutely beautiful work! I love the contemporary colors and stripes with a traditional floral design with the hint of wood grain coming through. I think I just got inspired to do something like this to my dinner table and chairs...


Pet Beds!

Here are two very different kinds of pet beds, both awesome in their own ways. I love the simplicity in design and the patters of the {wall mounted pet beds}, but I also love the vintage traditional look of the {DIY pet center} transformed from an old secretary desk.

Swiss Underground Moutain House

I think this is one of the most interesting works of architecture I have seen. I have never seen a modern home built essentially underground with a hillside entrance like this. The unusual house plan was the collaboration between the Netherlands architects at {SeARCH} and {Christian Muller Architects}. It is located in the Swiss village of Vlas, among many other mountain houses. One of my favorite parts is the stunning Alpine view through the wide, oval shaped hillside opening and the many windows which provide a flood of natural light into the house. Also, there is a nearby barn which has an alternate entrance into the home though an underground pathway.


Fabric Yo-Yo Mobil :)

Here is another one of my sewing projects! I decided to made a nursery mobile out of fabric yo-yos. I am not a huge fan of the mobiles with hanging plastic toys, so I wanted to come up with a shabby chic elegant option. These will soon be for sale on my {Etsy.com} shop - check back soon :)

Kiikku Planters by Unison

I am LOVING the {Kiikku planter} by {Unison}! This tiered system allows for interchangeable porcelain pots that rest on a leaning walnut ladder. This is a great solution for indoor plants an does not require it's own table or basket to hang from.

London Townhouse

Check out Beth's amazing {townhouse} in London, found on {Apartment Therapy}. Her parents bought this townhouse in the 60s, 2 weeks before her birth. When Beth was given the opportunity to move back into the family home 4 years ago and she didn't hesitate. She was able to respectfully renovate, maintaining the building's aesthetic and an interior that is reminiscent of the time it was bought. I love the retro furnishings and accents throughout the place, along with the charming mix of contemporary and vintage style.



I don't know about everyone else, but I always seem to forget which glass of wine is mine after setting it down among others'. The slip-on coasters are not only functional as coasters and a way to known which one is yours, but are beautiful as well! {Dimmalimm} is a mother/daughter team from Iceland working independently with Los Angeles designers on fashion development. They are 3rd and 4th generation dressmakers and have been working together on things such as costumes, interior textiles, and high fashion since the early 90's. From time to time they are inspired to do their own projects and sell them, these being some of them. They are believers in ethical manufacturing and sustainable fabrics, so they make all of their products and fabrics are purchased from local vendors. I love these pillows as well!