Shipping Container Retreat!

My dream one day is to have a really cool home office that is detached from the main house and is in a beautiful backyard. I saw this idea posted a while back on {Dwell.com} and then later on {Apartment Therapy}. I love it! This specific shipping container was turned into a backyard retreat/guest house - so cool! Texas architect, Jim Poteet, was able to find an empty steel shipping container and transform it into this wonderful room for visitors! Measuring 8ft x 40ft, a portion of it was kept as a garden shed and the rest was the living space. Floor to ceiling glass doors and windows, heating and air conditioning, a green roof, bamboo flooring and wall covering were all added, as well as small sink, shower, and a composting toilet. The whole structure was placed on a base made from recycled telephone poles.


Cupcake Topping Bar via {Green Wedding Shoes}

One of my favorite blogs, {Green Wedding Shoes}, posted an awesome idea! A cupcake topping bar! I have seen ice cream/frozen yogurt bars and cupcakes have become such a hit lately that I think this is a great twist on that to make it unique. Nicely done {Enjoy Cupcakes}! Check out all of their impressive 129 flavors!


Penelope's Bedroom Makeover!

I fell in love with this bedroom makeover when I came across it on {IS*LY} today. The part of this that inspired me was the way they were able to find ways to cut cost by picking up some great deals and doing some DIY along the way. In total this cost $300. Not bad if you ask me!


DIY Bottle Cap Tray

I thought this was a pretty sweet idea from {Apartment Therapy} of something to do with a collection of bottle caps - either paint them or keep the branding from your beverage of choice. This is a perfect project that can start with a cool tray picked up from a swap meet, thrift store or if you have an old one lying around that needs some sprucing up.

PS: I love these colors :)

Book of Cards & Gift Wrap Idea!

Here are a couple cute ideas from {Design Editor}. A cool idea of creating a book of cards received at a birthday or shower that makes for a wonderful keepsake and a great way to wrap the gift that is both stylish and functional.


Pencil Tip Carvings!

This is one of the most incredible art forms I have seen. I received this in one of those awesome e-mail forwards that mothers love sending daily :) After doing some research, I found that the artist's name is Dalton Ghetti. Check out his work {here}. This work is sharp! (pun totally intended) and he does this all without a magnifying glass. Born in Brazil, 49 year old Ghetti says he has been carving since he was a schoolboy - things ranging from stones, large piece of wood, soap, broom hands - until he found this niche.


Shabby Chic Flag Banners!

These whole fabric and paper flag banner things have become such a trend lately - I figured it was time to finally do a post on them. Here are some of my faves. I love this shabby chic style that can be customized for any event :) I am just wondering...is it overdone? Is it a trend that will die out?


Dunk Mug - Genius!

This has got to be one of the most creative and functional designs I have seen in a while! Several people I know would LOVE to have one of these! No more juggling a mug and a plate :) This would make a great gift item.

Pistachio Press

Check out these beautiful letterpress invitations by {Pistachio Press}. Pistachio Press was officially launched during the summer of 2007, and informally since 2003 when Rachel Hetzel, a native of upstate New York, drove to Ohio to buy her first letterpress. Since then, she has accumulated several hundreds pounds of type and three more presses. It is her printmaking background that has helped drive her passion for paper and ink. She now prints fine stationary, social invitations, and limited edition prints. Pistachio Press is an environmentally conscious studio, using rubber-based inks and biodegradable citrus-based solvents for cleaning. She prints on 100% tree-free cotton papers or recycled papers that are 30% post-consumer waste.

~ Heavy Metal Letterpress ~

Last month, {Miguel Castro's} beautiful letterpress baby shower invitation design made it on {Oh So Beautiful Paper}, one of my favorite blogs! I am so proud of all the amazing work he has been producing and even more proud to see him published there! I love the added touch of stitching the two pages together at the top. Check out more of his work at {Heavy Metal Letterpress}and be prepared to be very impressed!

While looking around on {Oh So Beautiful Paper}, I came across this wonderful {letterpress book} that I have ordered and can't wait to look through it!


Los Olivos Wedding

Those who know me well, know that I LOVE the color grey :) Black, white and grey make up much of my wardrobe and as far as home decorating goes, I tend to stick to neutrals for the most part. When I read that this bride's favorite color was grey, it explained why I fell in love with the decor of {this wedding} and the choice of colors used. It was a perfect mix of elegant contemporary and rustic vintage. From the the incredibly unique chandelier, lace table runners and fabric/ribbon covered candle holders to the place setting numbers and menus. My favorite part of all was the fact that the bridesmaid dresses were not only each different, but they were actually all white! It is usually considered a huge fashion faux pas to wear white as a guest to a wedding let alone those standing up with the bride and groom! I thought it was an absolutely beautiful decision and turned out looking amazing with all the different styles and textures of each dress. Thank you {Style Me Pretty} for always featuring such amazing events that are truly masterpieces.

3-Ring Circus Baby Shower

I have definitely seen a lot of beautiful and creative baby shower ideas, but this one is just something else! Such a fun theme, so creative, and well done...down to every small detail! The concept of a {3-Ring Circus} with this adorable couple expecting a baby is too perfect :)


Hidden Compartment in Wall Behind TV

Ok, so...{this} is pretty much GENIUS! Not much more I can say :) There is even additional storage space and access to cables from the other side of the wall, that when closed, is not an obvious closet! Well done.

Laid Back Cottage

One of my favorite sites, {Apartment Therapy} featured a house tour of Michael Jon Watt's Michigan cottage. It is a total of 818 square feet with a full basement. Here is what he has done with it in the two years he has lived there. {Click here} to learn more about resources and details about each room.

Beadboard, Chair Railing, and Moulding

I have always been really drawn to the look of beadboard and chair railing in homes. Lately I have been seeing a lot more homes with moulding added to walls and ceilings, creating beautiful framed sections. Here are some of my favorite styles...


I'm Back!!!

It has been FAR TOO LONG since I have been able to sit down and get to blogging! I have missed it so much! My little brother graduated college, we went on a family vacation, I went to a destination wedding in Cancun, moved to a new apartment, been busy at work...it's been nuts! But I am back now and ready to share a ton :)

Being that I just moved, I have been thinking a lot about decorating and furniture. One of my main challenges over the past few weeks has been figuring out the seating in my living room/dining room area. I only have enough room really for one main couch and a chair, so I have been trying to come up with some other ideas. I seem to be drawn to the idea of cute floor cushions or putting cushions in front of the fireplace. Today I came across these awesome retro {bean bag chairs} on Etsy and had to share! LOVE them!


Thanks for your patience!

Hey all! I am moving to a new apartment this week and was on vacation prior to that. So sorry for the lack of postings. I will be back up and running soon! Thanks :)


Before & After Country Kitchen

Kerri, of {Driftwood Interiors}, had plans of designing a new kitchen like the one in the first two images. One day while her husband was at work, she decided it was time for an update until they were able to actually remodel. Since structurally the kitchen was in good condition, but just looked fresh out of the 80's (when it was built), she decided to take matters into her own DIY hands. Armed with spray gun, she was able to transform her kitchen for less than $500. Found via {Apartment Therapy}

In Kerri's words:
"I love what a difference a simple coat of paint has made to the room – it’s now so light and airy, and it looks much bigger. But my favourite element came about by covering the brick island with beadboard, which totally changed the feel of the room. The dark brick screamed 80’s style, and by replacing it I think I’ve managed to inject some charm and style into a space that was sadly lacking both. The room was functional but very tired, and with just a little paint, some new cabinet hardware, and a bit of elbow grease it now has a fresh, contemporary feel."

Calligraphy Stamps!

Today while I was at the gym, reading through this month's Martha Stewart Weddings magazine (because I'm obsessed with weddings), I came across an article about the wonderful world that is Etsy.com. This month is dedicated to DIY weddings and one of the Etsy items they talked about in the article was {Emilie Friday}. I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE these! Such a beautiful alternative to traditional calligraphy. Here are some stamps from Emilie Friday as well as {Primele}. In addition to the calligraphy stamps, check out some of the other {Etsy.com Shops} featured in the magazine.

Crane & Co. Hand Painted Bordered Cards

I definitely learned something new and surprising today! Nole from {Oh So Beautiful Paper} posted photos from {Crane & Co.}'s booth at this year's {Stationary Show}, where they demonstrated their craft of hand painting every single card from their bordered stationary collection. It was demonstrated by two of their hand-bordering artisans. I had no idea they did that by hand! I didn't think it was possible to love their work any more...but I do now!

Kate & Breigha's Save the Dates

Over the past couple of weeks I have been working with a friend of mine from grade school/high school. who is getting married! I designed, printed, and assembled their Save the Dates. They were so easy to work with and I truly appreciate the opportunity to have been able to do this for them. Here is a bit of the process we went through until selecting the final design they wanted to go with. Aside from the Save the Date cards, I designed and printed custom wrap-around mailing labels. The backings and the envelopes were made made with hydro-electricity with a chlorine free process and 30% post-consumer waste. I look forward to working more with them in the coming months! Congrats you two :)

Homemade Turkey Meatballs

Every once in a while I like to share a bit of the cooking and baking I love to do. This time it was delicious turkey meatballs with an awesome rice that I got from Trader Joe's that is long-grain brown rice, black barley and daikon radish seeds.



Ok, so clearly I absolutely LOVE dessert tables as you can tell. Here is yet another beautiful spread by {Eat Drink Pretty} found at {Style Me Pretty}. From the plates, cake stands and vases to the the desserts and the use of flowers...it is so elegant. I love the vintage touch :) This table was done in celebration of Eat Drink Pretty's blogiversary!


LOST Poster Giveaway Winners!

So...I wasn't able to pick only 2 of the best comments from the ones posted - luckily I was able to get one more from the artist/designer, {Steven Hasegawa} and have picked 3 winners! Congrats and thank you for your comments!

Please send email me your mailing information ASAP!


Screen Printed LOST Poster GIVEAWAY!

As we all mourn the end of the LOST series on TV, a friend of mine, {Steven Hasegawa} paid tribute to both Andy Warhol and JJ Abrams by designing and screen printing 40 limited edition 2-color posters by hand. They are 12"x18" untrimmed, printed on French Paper Smart White, and hand numbered.

Two posters will be given away to those who leave the best comments. Either comment on the poster / about screen printing or share your favorite memory during our time shared with the survivors of Oceanic 815.

Post your comment by May 30th 2010 at 10:00pm PST.

Looking forward to hearing from you :)

Bridal Shower Dessert Table!

I had the pleasure of designing Bridal Shower invitations, design elements throughout the shower, and of course my favorite part...baking for and putting together the Dessert Table :) This was a great experience, a first for me, doing much more than just cupcakes. It was a lot of work...I think I am still recovering and trying to catch up on rest...but it was well worth it. Congrats Kristina! Can't wait for the wedding!


Another great idea from Martha!

Oh {Martha} :) you've done it again - another wonderful idea! So for those of us looking for ways to get organized (and maybe don't have much space to work with), but still want a great looking room - here is a perfect solution! Office in a chest...now why didn't I think of that? I found this on {Apartment Therapy}.

Monkey Mind Design

Love these cute handmade cards I found on {Flickr} by {MonkeyMindDesign}. A nice variety of styles ~ I am particularly drawn to the ones on recycled paper giving them a vintage look, yet contemporary in terms of the subject. "Say What?" and the checklist of what to do with a friend are such clever ideas! The "Life is better with friends" is absolutely precious:) Also, check out the Monkey Mind Design {blog}.

Succulent Chandelier!

I have a huge love for succulents, so you can imagine my excitement when I found {this}! I can't wait for the day that I have a backyard to enjoy a DIY creation of my own like this :)

Twig Push-Pins

These are awesome! I saw these twig push-pins on {Design*Sponge} yesterday and thought it was such a great idea that I would love to do! The idea came about from a tree being trimmed in the yard and instead of throwing it out, {they} made something with the twigs. It makes a bulletin board or wall actually look like a work of art :)


The New Mr. & Mrs. McElveny

A few weeks ago I wrote about the {dessert table} I did for my good friends Natalie & Garret's wedding on the beautiful Central Coast. These GORGEOUS amazing photos were taken by {Jake}, Necia and Steven of {Mike Larson Photography}. Jake and Necia also shot their {engagement pictures} a while back. Natalie and Garret's eye for beautiful design and talent was evident throughout. From the arch at the ceremony that was designed and built by Garret himself, to all the awesome DIY aspects of the reception. Their style and their love came through crystal clear that day :) It was one AWESOME party as usual guys!

Anyone who just got engaged, getting married, or want pictures taken for any other reason...I would highly recommend them...however my recommendation is not really as important as what the photos themselves say about their skill and talent! Yet another beautiful wedding captured guys :)


Outdoor Essentials for Spring :)

With the weather warming up these days, I have been dreaming of having my own home with a beautiful backyard for entertaining and relaxing. What better place to go for furniture and other outdoor living essentials than {Crate&Barrel} One day...

Ya ya ya...I love me some GREEN!


Contemporary Meets Arts & Crafts

I adore much of the architectural style that came out of Arts & Crafts movement/Craftsman style homes. I am loving the way {this} 1920's craftsman style has been transformed, while still keeping much of the original character. The high-end modern furniture and chic handmade decorative accents have put a whole new spin on Arts & Crafts.

Binder Clips ~ Cable Organizer!

This is genius! Why go out and spend money on cable organizers when you can just do this?! Found on {Apartment Therapy} .

Open-air Bathroom

Can I have one of these...pretty please?

The Litte Things

I love this kitchen decor found on {The Little Things} blog! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the splashes of color, yet it still has a very neutral overall look and feel. Just my style :)

Natalie & Garret's Wedding Dessert Table :)

So this was my first time doing a dessert table set-up for a wedding :) What better than doing it for the wedding of a close friend!

With beautiful table runners made by the bride's mother, awesome DIY cake stands and framed chalkboards made by the bride herself, San Luis Obispo's Cowboy Cookies, a delicious chocolate cake from Claim Jumper that I decorated with flowers, and 188 cupcakes I made and decorated myself...it all came together nicely in the end :) I had so much fun baking and decorating all of them then finding a way to arrange the whole table to make it all work together. Made me really want to do this for a living...ah...someday :)

The beautiful photographs were taken by {Jake and Necia Odening} from {Mike Larson Photography}. They do incredible work - check back in a few days for some gorgeous photos taken from the whole wedding!


Handmade Thank You Cards!

Here is my first project combining print and sewing! I made two versions - one that says "Merci Beaucoup" (Thank you very much) and one that says "Merci Mon Amie" (Thank you my friend ~ female). I am almost ready to open my shop on Etsy...so if you are interested in these...check back soon for updates on that!

Goldiehome ~ Eco-Conscious Homewares

I came across the home furnishing designs by {Goldiehome} on the {2Modern Blog}. Not only are the designs beautiful and sophisticated, but the products are also eco-conscious and inspired by the geometry and tactility of nature. Goldiehome has begun to set a whole new standard for luxurious organic modern design, all made from certified organic cotton.

Bite™ Produce Bags

With the ever-growing need to be environmentally conscious, there has been a huge move to make a change in our lives wherever possible to help do our part. One way people are doing this is by using reusable grocery bags. Here is a way to take that even one step further! Although we may be saying "neither" to the question "paper or plastic?", we are forgetting all the individual plastic bags we use for our produce. {Bite™} has come up with a solution, designing these amazing reusable produce bags. Here is a little fact off of their website that is more than convincing that this is a great idea: "500 billion (1 million every minute) plastic bags are used each year and are contributing to the endangerment of our environment." SOLD! They even have a drawstring to eliminate the need for twist-ties. These bags are machine washable, durable, lightweight, and made in the USA.

Frosting Practice for Wedding Cupcakes!

A close friend of mine is getting married at the end of the month and I am so excited! Obviously I am excited for them to be embarking on their lifelong journey together, but I am also excited to be making the cupcakes for the reception! The cupcake recipe was set and we were discussing the frosting, both of us agreeing that regular buttercream frosting is pretty sub-par. After some research, she came across a recipe for {Swiss Buttercream} on one of my favorite blogs {Smitten Kitchen}. Though we are going to experiment with adding some flavor, I made my first attempt at making Swiss Buttercream and it was a success! Mmmmm buttery goodness :)


We Are The World - 25 For Haiti

Speaks for itself. Absolutely beautiful.


Before & After (via D*S)

This Before & After was far too beautiful not to share, for those of you who don't follow {Design*Sponge} and haven't already seen it. It probably helped just a little that they used my favorite color green :)

LoBoheme ~ Vintage Inspired Hair Accessories

These elegant vintage inspired hair accessories are becoming more and more popular and I love them more each time I see them! Here is a collection from {LoBoheme}, a small design team in San Diego (wife, husband, and dog), Lauren (Lo), Josh, and Tank Christensen. Lo is the designer and takes care of the creative end of Lo Boheme, with the inspiration and technological savvy coming from her sweets, Josh and Tank. I guess it runs in the family, because her mom is also creative! She makes custom ties for weddings, as well as custom made vintage handkerchief ring bearer pillows sold at her Etsy.com shop {Tux & Tulle}.


Some vintage gems on Etsy

Here are a few vintage gems I found at the {Little Byrd Vintage} shop on Etsy.com. I might actually be purchasing a few of these things. Exciting!


Dear Anthropologie, Thank You!

Dear {Anthropologie}, Thank You so much for my beautiful birthday gift this year. {Check out} what it was last year. So creative and a nice personal touch, even if it is mass produced. Also, here are some of my fave items - now I just need to get my butt to Santa Barbara and use this wonderful discount!