Feelin' the retail love...

I am sure you all know what happens when you have a relatively small mailbox and don't pick
up your mail for a few days - you get a bunch of mail, maybe a magazine you have been expecting and the dreaded bills. I was going through the pile, ready to throw a stack into my recycling bag, when a tiny envelope fell out from in between the pages of a catalog I had no interest in looking at. I opened it up to find it was from {Anthropologie}! Ok...so usually I get annoyed by over the top advertising tactics...but today, I felt special. I loved this! It was a coupon for 15% off because it is my birthday month! I have gotten this sort of thing before from other stores, but never packaged this way. It was well crafted and unique (though im sure millions were made). It was just that needed touch that made me immediately try and figure out where the nearest store was and how I was going to plan a weekend to go! Obviously...living in San Luis Obispo, this means either San Francisco or Santa Barbara - here I come!

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  1. awesome. never come visit me, but go all the way to SF for a store. you know there's one in palo alto