Handmade Tissue Box Covers

So, I know I am not alone when I go to the store to buy a box of tissue paper and try desperately to search for a color or design that would look even remotely "ok" if left out in a room of my house. When I saw this great {Etsy} find posted on {Apartment Therapy}, designed by Yokomono, I realized all my problems were solved! Ok...maybe not ALL my problems...but at least my OCD issues regarding something as simple as the look of a tissue box. I know they sell tissue box covers all over, but I really appreciate and am drawn to the handmade/original aspect of this, rather than any old stainless steel cover that you can pick up in most stores.


  1. Thank you for finding me, Narineh! -Yoko

  2. Of course! Beautiful work - must be shared :)