Freddy&Ma Custom Handbags

Custom designed purses are one of the many ways a bride can customize and maintain the theme/colors of a wedding (with a purse for herself or for her bridesmaids). {Freddy&Ma} offers the service of customizing purses by color matching, 25 hues of Italian leather or 48 shades of rich satin fabric, custom fabrics, and custom linings! They even suggest a unique idea for a purse party, where guests get to design their own! They offer a variety of purse styles and sizes. Aside from the custom designed purses, they have a variety of already designed ones to choose from. Not only do they offer the customization of purses, but pillows and melamine plates as well! What an awesome way to brighten up a living room or kitchen and have it be exactly what you want without having to go on an endless search for the perfect plate or pillow.

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