Wedding Photography { LOVE }

I absolutely love, love, love weddings! One of my favorite parts has to be the photography ~ but not just any kind of photography. The photographer must be able to capture the true essence of the couple, whether that is through candid shots or the style of photography. San Luis Obispo photographer {Mike Larson} and his team did just that at the wedding of my friend Christina and her husband Korey. From the engagement pictures, Korey's choice of shoes for occasion, a toast with beer instead of champagne, and the sparklers to end the night, their true spirit is shown in every shot. Christina is a very talented artist ~ some of her work can be seen at {Rooted in Art}.


  1. hey there, i found your blog and i LOVE it, nice work! thanks for the inbound link and the kind words. If there is anything I can ever do for you, let me know, you got a friend in the biz. Have a blessed day.

  2. Thanks Mike! It is my pleasure to post your work - it is truly beautiful. I have referred several friends to you guys - one of which is actually having her wedding shot by Jake - I am sure you have heard of the huge 500+ person Armenian wedding :) I guarantee more work will come from there! I think they are actually shooting the engagement shots this weekend! I am super excited to see how they turn out!