Felted Style

I came across the work of Karen Hewig on {Etsy}. She refers to herself as a passionate "felter" and gardener. In 2007, Karen turned her love for felting into a small company called {Felted Style}, offering one of a kind felt wool accessories for the home. Her inspiration is nature and each piece is created individually with quality and detail. After reading more about this art form, I learned that felting is one of the world's oldest forms of textile design. It is non-woven cloth made from matted wool fibers - archeological finds date this skillful application back to around 600 BC. I particularly liked her pillow collection as well as some hanging wall art. The pillows are made of very soft and luxurious feeling Alpaca fleece. Though a bit pricey (pillows ranging from $60 to $150 or wall hangings from $200 to $500), they are hand made and worth it to those who have the appreciation. I have a one sweater that is 60% Alpaca and can easily say that it is so so soft and definitely worth every penny.

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  1. me gusta tu blog, la variedad y la clase con la que describes tus articulos enhorabuena!!!