Kanga Room Systems

These prefab sheds and studios are so amazing! What a perfect solution for those who do not have an extra room in their house to make an office or guest room. I hope to have something like this one day - a great way to separate work and living space. Check out {Kanga Room Systems} to learn more about all they have to offer ~ found via {Apartment Therapy}.


Pinterest has kept me busy!

I have hardly been blogging lately and it has been breaking my heart. A few months ago I discovered {Pinterest} and have been hooked! Rather than blogging about the awesome things I find out there, I have been "pinning" them like crazy! In a short period of time, I have created 50+ boards and over 1600 pins!

If you have not heard of Pinterest, it is essentially a place catalog and share visual bookmarks. Rather than keeping a list of URLs to cool things you want to refer back to, taking screenshots or saving images to your desktop, Pinterest allows you to not only save of the images, but it also keeps the link to the original site from which you found it should you need to refer back as needed. The best part is the ability to categorize and organize the pins into different "boards" that are labeled (ie. For the Home or Wedding Ideas). You can connect with your friends who are using Pinterest and that has been the most fun, learning so much about someone from seeing the things they love! If you have not already done so, sign up and start pinning!

If you are interested in seeing the things I love, check out my boards {here}.

The coolest part has been seeing how many things people have actually pinned straight off of my blog! Check that out {here}.

Pin·terest (pĭn'trĭst): n. a social catalog to collect and share things you love

Pin·board (pĭn·bôrd): n. a visual collection of things you love

Pin (pĭn): n. an item you post to a pinboard

Re·Pin (rē·pĭn): v. to post another person's pin to your own pinboard