Penelope's Bedroom Makeover!

I fell in love with this bedroom makeover when I came across it on {IS*LY} today. The part of this that inspired me was the way they were able to find ways to cut cost by picking up some great deals and doing some DIY along the way. In total this cost $300. Not bad if you ask me!


DIY Bottle Cap Tray

I thought this was a pretty sweet idea from {Apartment Therapy} of something to do with a collection of bottle caps - either paint them or keep the branding from your beverage of choice. This is a perfect project that can start with a cool tray picked up from a swap meet, thrift store or if you have an old one lying around that needs some sprucing up.

PS: I love these colors :)

Book of Cards & Gift Wrap Idea!

Here are a couple cute ideas from {Design Editor}. A cool idea of creating a book of cards received at a birthday or shower that makes for a wonderful keepsake and a great way to wrap the gift that is both stylish and functional.


Pencil Tip Carvings!

This is one of the most incredible art forms I have seen. I received this in one of those awesome e-mail forwards that mothers love sending daily :) After doing some research, I found that the artist's name is Dalton Ghetti. Check out his work {here}. This work is sharp! (pun totally intended) and he does this all without a magnifying glass. Born in Brazil, 49 year old Ghetti says he has been carving since he was a schoolboy - things ranging from stones, large piece of wood, soap, broom hands - until he found this niche.


Shabby Chic Flag Banners!

These whole fabric and paper flag banner things have become such a trend lately - I figured it was time to finally do a post on them. Here are some of my faves. I love this shabby chic style that can be customized for any event :) I am just wondering...is it overdone? Is it a trend that will die out?