Before & After Country Kitchen

Kerri, of {Driftwood Interiors}, had plans of designing a new kitchen like the one in the first two images. One day while her husband was at work, she decided it was time for an update until they were able to actually remodel. Since structurally the kitchen was in good condition, but just looked fresh out of the 80's (when it was built), she decided to take matters into her own DIY hands. Armed with spray gun, she was able to transform her kitchen for less than $500. Found via {Apartment Therapy}

In Kerri's words:
"I love what a difference a simple coat of paint has made to the room – it’s now so light and airy, and it looks much bigger. But my favourite element came about by covering the brick island with beadboard, which totally changed the feel of the room. The dark brick screamed 80’s style, and by replacing it I think I’ve managed to inject some charm and style into a space that was sadly lacking both. The room was functional but very tired, and with just a little paint, some new cabinet hardware, and a bit of elbow grease it now has a fresh, contemporary feel."

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