Screen Printed LOST Poster GIVEAWAY!

As we all mourn the end of the LOST series on TV, a friend of mine, {Steven Hasegawa} paid tribute to both Andy Warhol and JJ Abrams by designing and screen printing 40 limited edition 2-color posters by hand. They are 12"x18" untrimmed, printed on French Paper Smart White, and hand numbered.

Two posters will be given away to those who leave the best comments. Either comment on the poster / about screen printing or share your favorite memory during our time shared with the survivors of Oceanic 815.

Post your comment by May 30th 2010 at 10:00pm PST.

Looking forward to hearing from you :)


  1. These posters are fantastic. A unique illustration inspired by LOST AND Andy Warhol? I honestly can't think of anything better...

    I would absolutely love to hang one of these posters in my living room, as a shrine of sorts to both the pop art movement of the 60s and the greatest TV series of all times. Yep, I'd love it.

  2. "I'd asked around 10 or 15 people for suggestions. Finally one lady friend asked the right question, 'Well, what do you love most?' That's how I started painting money."
    -Andy Warhol-

    As a musician, I hope that you will, like myself, continue to do what makes you the happiest, because when it all boils down, all we ever had was our happiness. After all, we can't take the rest of to the grave!

  3. I can honestly say that LOST changed my life. It was the best six years and now that it's over I'm forced to have a life again. I'd love this poster to look at every day. :)

  4. LOST will forever be my favorite TV show, and in my opinion the best show to ever air.
    This poster reminds me of when Hurley locked himself in the pantry because he couldn't handle all that was going on. It's crazy to think how far he personally came in the show. Feeling worthless, unlucky and fat to being the protector. More people should be like Hurley; life is all about perspective, once his changed, he did as well.
    It also reminds me just how mysterious this show was. I spent hours talking to friends debating wether Dharma was the Others or the Hostels were the Others and numours other things that involved Dharma... (Thinking "How in the world is there a Dharma symbol on that shark?!")
    This is a great piece of art that I'd treasure forever.....Scratch that, "There is no now here.", I'd treasure it while I'm here.

  5. People say that I wasted 6 years trying to figure out what LOST was all about. But I obviously disagree. LOST isn't something that you can actually figure out. It is something that can almost inhibit you actual essence. Well, not really, but LOST always gives me something to think about, something to ponder. It gives me all these "What if" questions that I can never answer. Also, LOST gave me and my sister something to talk about. We have always had a strained relationship and LOST brought us closer together. LOST has helped me in a intelligible way and a relationship way. Without LOST I don't know where I would be.
    Roses are red, voilets are blue
    4, 8, 15, 16, 23, & 42
    Goodbye LOST I will miss you!

  6. im 14. lost took up a large portion of my life.I watched it for the character based plot lines, its intense realism(i mean by acting), and the mystery that surrounded the island and all who inhabit it. i knew it would come to an end but i never thought about it until it happened. it did not answer all the questions it raised but it was an amazing journey. I'm not going to go and say it is the best show that was/will be made but it was good. this poster is an amazing piece of art that pays tribute this show i loved so much. I would like to thank the artist for making this. its so bold looking, so clean, and over all it's pretty sweet looking.

  7. I'm an 18 year old college student and I love lost. Not like I really love to watch the show but more on the I adore anything and everything lost related. I bought a damn dharma initiative jumpsuit to watch the finale in. And when the time came, I was crying the whole time. Where it was Kate telling Jack nothing is irreversible , one of the many "awakening" moments, or the final scene in the church, "The End" had reduced me to tears. Especially the scene with Charlie/Kate/and Claire. There relationship was always so sweet, and to see them finally reuinite...i'm tearing up now just thinking about it. I will never forget this amazing show and what it has done for my life. Thanks to Lost I have found my purpose in life.

    Namaste :D

  8. i am in art 3 in high school and I love Andy Warhol's work.Plus I am a huge fan of lost and love any thing related to LOST.

  9. Woah. Warhol and LOST. The spirit of two things I like a lot put together in one awesome piece. It was such a pleasure seeing Warhol's exhibit at MOCA in Los Angeles years ago. LOST was a staple in my life for the past six seasons.

    I've been a LOST fan since season 1. During the finale, I cried EVERY time the characters 'found' each other in the flash sideways realm/afterlilfe.

    The science and mystery of the island was cool but it was always about the characters for me. Heck, I could watch a whole other season about Myles and Sawyer as detectives or even another Hurley vs. Sawyer ping pong episode.

    I already miss this show a lot and I'm hard-pressed to find another show to fill the void.