Bite™ Produce Bags

With the ever-growing need to be environmentally conscious, there has been a huge move to make a change in our lives wherever possible to help do our part. One way people are doing this is by using reusable grocery bags. Here is a way to take that even one step further! Although we may be saying "neither" to the question "paper or plastic?", we are forgetting all the individual plastic bags we use for our produce. {Bite™} has come up with a solution, designing these amazing reusable produce bags. Here is a little fact off of their website that is more than convincing that this is a great idea: "500 billion (1 million every minute) plastic bags are used each year and are contributing to the endangerment of our environment." SOLD! They even have a drawstring to eliminate the need for twist-ties. These bags are machine washable, durable, lightweight, and made in the USA.

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