Shipping Container Retreat!

My dream one day is to have a really cool home office that is detached from the main house and is in a beautiful backyard. I saw this idea posted a while back on {Dwell.com} and then later on {Apartment Therapy}. I love it! This specific shipping container was turned into a backyard retreat/guest house - so cool! Texas architect, Jim Poteet, was able to find an empty steel shipping container and transform it into this wonderful room for visitors! Measuring 8ft x 40ft, a portion of it was kept as a garden shed and the rest was the living space. Floor to ceiling glass doors and windows, heating and air conditioning, a green roof, bamboo flooring and wall covering were all added, as well as small sink, shower, and a composting toilet. The whole structure was placed on a base made from recycled telephone poles.


  1. I've seen the shipping containers made into swimming pools, but this is even better. It's amazing how great this looks. A wonderful 70's vibe.


  2. I share your dream!!! I've been wanting this for a long time too, unfortunately it's still a dream, hopefully some day! :)