Arranging Books by Color

Not only did I post this for how ridiculously cool it looks and the work that probably went into making it look this good - but really the main reason was for the quote that I found on {Apartment Therapy} that went along with it - pretty inspirational:

"...organizing his books by color allows him to discover new and unexpected relationships between books he knows well already. When two unrelated books are forced to occupy the same shelf simply because of their spine color, the shelver is asked to think about whether they have ideas to share between them. Perhaps, the designers of these chromatically-related books saw something in the books' content that even their authors did not. Maybe their ideals share a common hue?"
– Rob Giampietro, {On Arranging Books by Color}

I think similar ideals can be taken into consideration in our day to day life - perhaps finding commonalities in people/places you may have never though would...? I denno - something to think about.

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  1. THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER!!! i need to do this. immediately. right after i get pretty dark wood bookshelves. and my own place. but after that, IM DOING IT!!!