Stitch. Rip. Repeat.

I found these letterpressed recipe box sets on the Etsy shop of {Beth Snyder}. Her and her husband are a self-proclaimed "mad-crafting-duo out of Mid-Missouri". In the images above, you can see her process from sketches that went to making the letterpress place, to printing, and finally the finished product. Her work is fun and really has a sense of playful character that I love!

After finding a link in her profile that took me to her {blog} - I was happy to have found several more awesome ideas and creations!

Aside from letterpress, or in combination with, she also creates linoleum block prints as backgrounds or as the designs themselves - which I find very creative and have an appreciation for, being that we had to work with linoleum block carvings in high school and I remember it being rather difficult. For a project that combined the two printing methods, she created and sold many calendars for 2009. A friend of hers actually displayed it in quite a creative way - I will definitely be copying that idea. I often wonder what can be done with the beautiful letterpress calendars that are designed. They are so beautiful - but they are so small that they need some sort of way to be displayed better to get the attention they deserve!

I thought his was a super cool idea in lieu of a typical wedding guest book! She screen printed fabrics and then cut that out into squares which the quest would sign or write a message. She then turned this into a quilt! Awesome and unique :)

Last but not least! Here is a cool idea for a way to store special books or albums - in her case this was a cover made by her mother for her wedding book :) This would also make a nice portfolio or even laptop case (if made with proper reinforcing materials).

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