As promised...

Rome, Italy

Sorrento, Italy

Burano / Venice - Italy

Santorini, Greece

Dubrovnick, Croatia

Sunset while on the cruise :)

As promised, here are some more picture from my adventures in Italy and the Mediterranean this past summer. As I continue to go through my over 5,000 images - I will be sure to keep posting more.


  1. nar, these pictures are beautiful! what kind of camera were you using? i ask because i'm kind of interested in trying my hand in photography.. i don't know how good i'd be, but it's always worth a shot, right?


    these are a few i took with a basic digital camera..

  2. These were shot with a Canon SLR 40D. It was quite a chunk of change when I got it last year - but a good time to buy now! It's gone down a lot.