Orange Jello Slices

The gorgeous weather this week has gotten me feeling like it is almost summer time :) It reminded me of one of my favorite summer afternoon treats: Orange JELLO slices - so delicious - and even kinda healthy!


4 large oranges
3 oz. pack of orange JELLO
2 cups boiling water
2 cups fresh squeezed orange juice


Cut all the oranges in half, from top to bottom. Juice them all and set the juice aside to be used later. Using a spoon, carve out the insides of the oranges. You will end up with 8 orange peel cups :)

Add the orange JELLO to a bowl of boiling water, mix thoroughly until the JELLO is completely dissolved. Add the fresh squeezed orange juice and mix well.

Pour the orange JELLO and fresh juice mixture into the orange peel cups. Refrigerate for 4 to 6 hours, until completely gelled. I recommend resting them on muffin tins or else they might roll around and spill.

Slice the JELLO-filled orange peel cups as you would oranges and serve cold.

This can also be done with lemons and lemon JELLO as well!


  1. This brings back my childhood. I loved these things. It was always at a friends birthday party but my mother would never make them.

  2. I had a student bring these in for her birthday treat. Her mom made them with blue and red jello and they turned out really cute! The kids loved them and the teachers too :)