Papaver Vert - Felted Plant Cozies!

There are beer koozies, so why not a potted plant cozy? Based in Northern California, this designer Patty Benson started {Papaver Vert} in 2007, turning her apartment at the time into a creative studio. Her designs are based on form, function, and bold color. Papaver Vert means Green Poppy - a name that is representative of the luxuriously soft but a renewable and eco-friendly material. I think these are awesome - they are first hand crocheted using a wool/mohair blend, then wet-felted through several wash cycles, dried around molds, trimmed and finally steam blocked. Aside from the pot cozies - she also designs and creates other housewares such as coasters, bowls, pillows, and pin cushions. I have made a few posts lately about products made of felt/wool in ways I haven't thought of before.


  1. What a great post! Thanks Narineh!
    Loved browsing through your blog :)

  2. You are most welcome :) Thank you!