Hemeroscopium House

Hemeroscopium, for the Greek, is a place where the sun sets. This house was designed by {Antón García-Abril}, with the idea of defying physical limits. It was built out of heavy structural elements, defying aesthetics with beams that are perfectly placed, creating an aerial effect. Thought seemingly unstable, this structure was built in 7 days, but took a year to perfect. Complex calculations created the perfect balance of aerial quality and overall appearance. The use of heavy concrete gives an industrial and modern look, but somehow is able to look beautiful in its surroundings. I especially love the pool that looks like it is floating!


  1. Hey Narineh!

    I was looking at this site and thought of your blog - some of these are pretty cool ideas for alternative business cards!


    ♥ Lexsea

  2. Thanks girl!!! I appreciate you thinking of me when you saw those :)