Providence Home Renovation

Here is a look at another beautiful home that I found on {Apartment Therapy}. The makeover of the Deaners' house was amazing considering the amount they were able to get done with so little and in such a short period of time. Most of their improvements were relatively simple - painting, wallpaper and material upgrades — no major demolition was done. They did an amazing job making this older house their home - using what exists and taking time to live in the house to really understand the space they were working with. They created a truly unique aesthetic - the paint on single walls throughout house, together with the with the old wood floors, created a cohesive space. The end product is perfect for showcasing this couple's amazing art collection and eclectic taste in furniture. Apartment Therapy covered their progress on the back in February after only owning and working on the house for 3 months. Now, after another 3 months, this is final product...for now! Their style is mid-century modern with an eclectic blend of art and design - which is what I love about it :) They said their biggest challenge was renovating the entire home while still living and working in New York and sticking to a small budget - their best advice is "less is more". Beautiful job!

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  1. Exterior is gorgeous. Interior itself, too. But I can't get behind those damn chairs. And how you take such a warm-looking house and create such a chilly decor I just don't know. I wouldn't want to live here.