High Fashion Home

I always love finding different kinds of typographic solutions - I thought this was a pretty cool and clever form of advertising for {High Fashion Home}, a Huston based home furnishings store. Customers are given the freedom to choose among this large selection of high style and high end design products that caters to intelligence, creativity, and individuality - quality and value are not compromised. This 4-story, 125,000 squar food home furnishing store is a sanctuary of inspirational choices for an eclectic, modern lifestyle. There is a nice mix of furniture, fabrics, drapery, and home accessories from all around the world. "Explore. Experience. Imagine the possibilities." Below is some of my faves from their furniture collection.

Here is a glimpse of the amazing experience inside this furniture emporium!


  1. i love going to HFH. Every time I go visit family I beg to go walk around mecca... i mean HFH! :)

  2. I love the tufted sofas. the green and the white, that is what I want for my den.

  3. I love those sofas that you show. They are so wonderful. I think I need to visit that shop. They have a variety of beautiful stuff. I will visit it a soon as possible.