A Foreigner Feels at Home

After having moved to New York 5 years ago, from South Africa, Bradly "feels at home as a foreigner". To cope with homesickness and carry on his South African pride, he keeps importing mementos from back home. After having a stylist go to work in his one bedroom, 800 sq ft, condo - he is very happy with the finished product. The overall style is mid-century modern with eclectic African influence. Everything works so beautifully together - I especially love that he has straight-edged clean elements mixed in with interesting organic objects. There is a great balance of color and texture throughout. He was inspired by the eclectic style of luxury boutique hotels that started opening up in South Africa in the mid 90s - they were mixing urban elements with local flavors - standing out from the rest. When he first moved to NY, he only had a suitcase of clothes - since then having built a beautiful home for himself on the Upper West Side. Furniture are about the only things that are not from South Africa - each time he goes to visit, he comes back with bits and pieces of home - lamps, photography, home accessories, and knick-knacks of all sizes and shapes. During his 5 years in this condo, he renovated and expanded the kitchen and main closet of the apartment, closed off extra closet doors and created a solid living room and dining room area. After all of this and many good times - he is selling this place and moving on. I wish I lived in NY - I would love to live in this condo! This was a wonderful find from {Apartment Therapy} today.

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