The Long Haul

{Dumais Studio} and {Full Service Productions} presents {The Long Haul}. This is absolutely amazing! SO well done. Print and motion commit to a long life together in a movie made from 4000 great photographs and...

3 x pimped out stills cameras
2000 square feet of studio
11 x Obama lovers
2 x Producers with whips
450 kg of props
360 degrees of dolly track
15 hours of makeup
1 x clip on rat tail
2 x actors standing still for 22 hrs
1 x grown woman wearing a child sized dragon outfit
1 x 72 hr work work day
1 x "Bapapa" song

Sylvain, from Dumais Studio, was the director, animator, editor, co-writer, storyboard artist, and did post & web coding. He had the great original idea of trying to show the elements of a production come together in a stop motion piece. But they needed a story. So together with Julie BĂ©langer & Raff Melito, Producers & Co-Writers, several meetings and hundred of emails later, The Long Haul was born. The concept was to show the stages of an evolving relationship and the passing of trends, focusing on sending a message that, in the end, a good relationship lasts.

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