Bram - The Art of Claypot Cooking

While in the wonderful Sonoma town square for Mother's Day brunch, we discovered {Bram} - an awesome store carrying clay pots for cooking and much more! Owners, Ashrf and Shelly Almasri, opened the store just 6 weeks ago - this place will surely be a success! Ashrf, being from Egypt, is familiar with the traditions of clay pot cooking. Aside from a wide assortment of clay products, they also carry beautiful Alabaster bowls, gorgeous wooden bowls and cooking utensils, and more. They even have one wall full of amazing cookbooks - but not your usual cookbooks - ones about the different exotic spices used in the Middle East, slow cooking with clay pots, and much more. The choice of books is impressive - not just for content but for the design and photography - some being works of art in and of themselves. While there, I got myself my first clay pot and my mom bought a truly amazing book - {Saha - A Chef's Journey Through Lebanon and Syria}. This place is well worth a visit - beautiful merchandise, and if you don't know much about clay pot cooking - the owner is really sweet, knows his products, and more than willing to explain.

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