Dresser into Vanity and Attic Remodel

How creative is this!? I don't know why I haven't seen or thought of this before - after seeing vanities like these being sold for $$$$. Carrie, from {Pattern of Life}, and her husband found this old dresser for $30 at an antique mall and after rolling up their sleeves and getting to work - this is what they ended up with! It is so beautiful and looks as though it cost a fortune! Carrie and her husband have been remodeling their home themselves. Below is their attic that they remodeled - makes me really wish I had an attic to do this with and turn it into my craft/design room :) Both the attic and the vanity look like they are straight out of a Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware catalog! Ahhh...one day...this is quite and inspiration - thank you! Her work was also featured on {Design*Sponge} last month!


  1. Crazy thing is Korey and I own that exact antique dresser we got from his grandmother and have refinished it to look exactly the same but without the sink. Super cool idea!

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