Mother's Day <3

I know that we are only 2 days away from Mother's Day, but here are some sweet gift ideas...maybe for a belated one? Top to bottom:

1. Hand-printed {sachets} with a pair of fern fronds on soft natural linen. They are filled with dried organic lavender buds. These would look great on a dresser or a bathroom shelf and will also add a fresh natural scent to your linen closet or lingerie drawer.

2. Not only are these necklaces a cute idea for mothers, but it also looks nice! The lettering on each {necklace} is individually hand stamped. The hammered and antique some pieces to give them distinction and antique charm.

3. I love the one-of-a-kind, limited edition patterns, and fabric combinations of these purses. They are handmade by {MS Handbags} in Sydney, Australia.

4. Looking for the perfect accent to your living room or bedroom? You just might find it here! These pillows by {Alexandra Ferguson} are made using 100% post-consumer recycled felt, that is made from recycled water bottles. One pound of fiber is the equivalent to of 10 water bottles that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Each pillow cover is made up of about 4 water bottles. And to make it even better - the felt is also made in the USA! Other than her side, her work can be found on {Etsy} as well.


  1. love the necklace, with kids names. very precious.

  2. I just found your blog and I'm a big fan. Thank you so much for featuring my handbags!