Owner of Etsy shop {SassBoxClassics} has an addiction for "old stuff", as she puts it. Now, I will say that I am not particularly fond of all things old or considered "vintage", but I do love quite a bit of it. Here are a couple of my faves from her fun collection. I have seen that style of Pyrex bowls before, in fact my grandmother has a set - a pretty gnarly 70's yellow-ish brown color. I was surprised when I saw this green set - I love them! I want them! The floral accents on the dripcut syrup server/dispenser gives a nice touch to an often boring tabletop item. It is a 70's vintage Henry Keck design for Santa Barbara Dispenser Inc. I'm also diggin' the three vintage Pyrex 60's coffee rounders with dark chocolate brown and terra cotta stripes with an unusual matte finish. These are made without handles and 1/4" thick for a nice heavy feel and acts as a hand warmer - something I often need :) Great collection!


  1. I love love love these dishes!
    really they are so beautiful, my mom owns some and it make me home sick when i see them.

  2. My mom has the Red and Orange set! Memories!