Passing Notes

{Passing Notes} was started by Abbie, a designer who embraces the thrill of the first folded note. Her intimate design boutique has a personal approach to design - design that touches the heart. She feels that as the ways of communication get more and more distant, we crave things that connect us in a small way, hence "passing notes". She speaks to those who appreciate the value and beauty in the imperfect, inconspicuous, and overlooked details in life.

This is one of her wedding designs with a golf theme. All components were so well thought out and tied together beautifully - through color, theme, pattern, design, style, materials, texture, etc. Love the favors being golf ball soaps! My favorite part is the departure from traditional monogram designs and the creation of one that worked so well with the whole system and did not just look like it was added on in the end like so many wedding invitations do.

In terms of branding, packaging, signage, and many other elements that went into designing the look and feel for {Sketch Ice Cream}, this one takes the cake. Once again, a very well thought out design that carries out beautifully in all the different forms of products, packaging and marketing collateral. Sketch celebrates our interpretation of ice cream – slow churned and undisguised by colors, additives, artificial flavors, stabilizers or extracts other than pure vanilla in every bite.

Lastly, I also wanted to point out the design done for {Lola Home}. A very clean and simple solution that speaks well to the brand and line of products. Lola creates a beautiful balance between luxurious furnishings coupled with rustic charm - which i believe is represented well, especially in the signage for the store exterior.

Beautiful work from {Passing Notes}!

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