Paper Tangerines

{Paper Tangerines}! First of all - super cute name to give these fun decoration pieces by Jennifer Boston :) They are great ideas for all year round. Jennifer explains how there does not have to be an occasion or a holiday to hang up some fun decorations and I couldn't agree more! These would be so fun in childern's rooms, hung in groups or separates for parties or just for no reason at all, put them in a bowl or glass jar, make a garland, and many more great ideas! She ships them plat in a package with enough to make 11 paper tangerines and includes photos and instructions for assembling them. Other ways she recommends using these are by hanging them with invisible thread from the ceiling, on the side of a bookshelf, or even from hanging houseplant. So creative! They are about 2.5" in diameter, so really not that big at all.

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