Oslo Press

{Oslo Press} specializes in unique wedding invitations that combine the use of rich wood veneer and elegant paper. Each invitation is made of wood veneer and laser engraved with an original design, while the coordinating elements to each set are created using paper and the centuries-old method of letterpress. This unique combination of materials, methods, and contemporary design provides a unique invitation set - full of texture, character, and originality. These will surely leave a lasting impression with your guests :)


  1. Narineh! Nat just introduced me to your blog. I have to say I am mighty impressed with you two doing so well at keeping your resolutions :) And beautiful pictures by the way. Did you take them all?

    PS I am trying to start up a food/book group if you want to join! Nat can explain further...

  2. I would loveeee to join! Haha no these are all finds on all kinds of sites...the only pics I have taken are the ones from my travels, the recipes, and my own work...everything else is just stuff I have found and fallen in love with :)