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In honor of Earth Day, which really should be everyday, I thought I would post some of my favorite re-usable and recycled products that help us do our part to save the environment. It is up to us to get ourselves out of this mess we have created around our planet. When there are patches of plastic the size of Texas in our oceans, when dead fish are cut open only to find lighters and trash in their stomachs, when birds are being wrapped up in plastic and dying - it is all a rude awakening - or at least it SHOULD be for us all.

From top to bottom:

(1) I love this idea of having re-usable storage bags for fruits, veggies and herbs. Cloth bags like these keep produce fresh for much longer than plastic grocery bags and are obviously better for the environment. These were made by {WonderThunder} - a great idea and a beautiful design!

(2) Re-usable/washable sandwich and snack bags - I don't know why I never though of this before! Such fun colors and designs, who wouldn't want one!? The Lunch Skins set is by {3 Green Moms} - they carry other great products and fantastic prices! They also carry the wonderful cornstarch spoons called Popcorn Ware, which is actually the kind of utensils at the take-out section of Whole Foods (man, I wish we had one in San Luis Obispo).

(3) {Bamboo re-usable utensils}! Perfect for children's lunchboxes or taking lunch to work :) I have to get myself a set of these!

(4) Re-usable {hot drink cozies} - take it along with you to your favorite coffee shop instead of using and throwing away their cardboard ones each time. They come in many great designs and colors too!

(5) {Bottle cap thumb tacks} make an easy, but fun craft project and a great way to re-use your favorite bottle caps!

(6) These great re-usable stainless steel food containers are a great way to reduce waste. They are available at {Go Green in Stages}.

(7) Last, but not least, this is a great DIY project for all ages! These fun night lights by {Mariposa Avenue} are made out of recycled soup cans! With a coat of paint and a drill, look at what you can create!

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