It doesn't have to have ducks and bunnies...

Expecting parents of a baby boy have designed this beautiful nursery by mixing old and new - baby's grandfather's display cabinet next to a modern crib - with warm vintage colors and decor that is gender-neutral. This {nursery tour} was found on Apartment Therapy's {OhDeedoh}. They gave themselves a challenge by staying away from typical light blues and greens associated with boys, even though they knew early on that they were having a boy. The bedding is from the {Litto Kids} line. The Sasquatch poster was bought from {Invisible Creature} in Seattle.
They say their biggest indulgence was the {Monte Luca Glider}, of course. Their best advice to anyone else who is looking to decorate a nursery: A baby’s room doesn’t have to have ducks and bunnies if you don’t want it to! I couldn't agree more.

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  1. This is a fresh air compared with that old fashioned nursery that had to have the blue, yellow and pink and pastel green clowns or disney characters etc.....
    This is a room that can be used by a newborn all the way to a teeager.