Canditto ~ Capture Every Moment :)

I came across {Canditto} and thought this was a great idea! Yes, professional photographers should still be hired to capture moments from your special day (if that is in your budget, of course), but there are also so many great candid photos that are taken by your friends and family with their digital cameras that you probably will end up seeing very few of. Here is a solution. Have the Canditto set up somewhere your guests will pass by as they leave and this great invention allows your guests to insert their memory cards and it will upload any picture taken in the past 8 hours (so don't worry about photos still on your memory cards from before...) This is not only a way to collect all the great shots from the night and save the hastle of emailing pictures, putting together a CD of them, or passing around the memory cards, but it also allows the couple to see fun photos from their wedding right away!

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