AllModern.com GIVEAWAY!!!

Hello all - I am happy to announce Traditionally Modern Design's first opportunity for a GIVEAWAY! The gracious people over at {AllModern.com} would like to give my readers(US and Canada residents only)an opportunity to win something from their site that is worth up to $70.

Here is what you need to do to enter the random drawing:
1. Check out {AllModern.com} and pick one item you would like that costs no more that $70.
2. Comment on this post with a link to the item you chose with a good explanation as to why
you chose it.
3. Post a link to this blog or specifically about the giveaway on any social networking sites you may be a part of and then comment here that you did so
4. Subscribe to the RSS fee of this blog and/or become a follower
5. Be sure to leave a valid email address with your comment or email me with your contact information - info.tmdesigns@gmail.com - so I can let you know if you win :) If you choose to email me with your contact information, please include the username that you left a comment with.

All those that I feel have a well thought out reason for choosing the item you chose will be entered into a random drawing which will be held in 10 days - October 5, 2009 and the winner will be announced that evening.

{AllModern.com} has a wide range of {contemporary furniture} and decor by hundreds of designers and well known brands,for any room of your house. Take a look around and I look forward to seeing what you all find!


  1. I love your blog! And allmodern.com is one of my favorite sites! I'd like the large diaper pin (http://www.allmodern.com/Glenna-Jean-90137-GK2636.html) & would love to hang it on the nursery wall! I also like the removable chalkboard squares...

  2. I also subscribed via RSS

  3. I'm expecting a baby girl in November and have been searching for modern fitted crib sheets. I think this would go well with the color scheme in the nursery:

  4. I really like the EGR - Sparkling Nap Pet Bed. We have a handsome chocolate lab, but the pet beds I've seen... not so handsome! This one would actually go with the style and colours of our home, and I think would be big enough for him to be comfortable on.
    ebickell (at) hotmail (dot) com

  5. I blogged about your giveaway here:

  6. I loved the Alessi - Mediterraneo Kitchen Jar Collection with the red coral pattern over the clear, crisp jars.

    I inherited my mom's sand collection (little jars filled with sand from all over the world) that I keep in the kitchen. I think these jars with the whole mediterranean, ocean-feel would look great next to these smaller glass sand-filled jars. Plus, I love keeping my kitchen looking neat and contained... and these would be perfect to keep something I use often in.

    Am going to post a link to your giveaway on facebook. Love your blog Narineh!

    -Lexsea M.


  7. http://www.allmodern.com/simplehuman-CW181-X-SHN1007.html
    -This is also to support Narineh and her amazing blog. Trash cans are very important to houses. This will make a big difference in disposing foods in our kitchen. It is very sleek and elegant - perfect to set the tone to the rest of our stainless steel appliances. #1 reason why I like it: its fingerproof!
    -I shared this blog via my Myspace account
    -Not familiar with RSS...but I have been, still am, and will keep following this blog.
    -You know my contact information.

  8. I like the morning glory throw pillows because they will make my ugly, purple and brown 1990s lazy boy couches look so much more modern!

  9. What’s up TraditionallyModernDesigns!
    So I checked out your little giveaway and I found the perfect item! I would like the “Aurelien Barbry Black Card Box” (SKU #: MEN1008) It’s a $59 business card holder! I think, it would give an unspoken sense of class to my business cards. Everyone that saw it might quietly wonder why my business was so important that I needed such a fancy cardholder. Plus, it would be a great conversation starter. I mean c’mon how could you not talk about it? #1: It’s French designed #2: It sells for $59 #3 I it won for free on TraditionallyModernDesigns!

    -Thanks for your time. Also I sent out a facebook alert with info on the giveaway and signed up with the RSS.

    -you can contact me @ gabe(at)theherreradesigns.com

  10. I want to win, but the requirements are too hard!

  11. Nar! i picked this trike for my little lay because there is nothing like a classic for your kid that you once had... aww memores! i can't wait to see her ride it (if i win... if i don't she will probably get it for christmas!). You know how much i love your blog and i am excited about this giveaway because now i know about allmodern.com. i love that they carry eames... i want a new coffee table! remind me to show you that too!
    oh! and i love that this trike on sale 69.99... hello recession! what a deal! does tax count for your contest?? :) so, i'm linking this and allmodern.com on my facebook... yaya! tabitha.rosenthal@gmail.com

  12. oh and charmaine, it is totally worth, it only takes a few minutes!

  13. sosie catchatoorianOctober 5, 2009 at 8:54 PM

    Narineh!! I'm entering :)
    I picked this wall decal for my daughters room because it is a simple yet elegant way to dress up the walls in her room. Since she is the second one, we haven't dedicated enough time to decorate her room and I think this will go great. I want you to know that I visit your blog regularly to get my creative mind flowing and really look forward to all the posts that you spend so much time and effort on.
    I'm going to link allmodern.com and traditionally modern designs blogspot on my facebook. It was a tough decision between the decal and the trike, but I think the decal won :)


  14. http://www.allmodern.com/Unison-P07018S-UNS1262.html

    This pillow would bring in some dark color and silouhette shape into me and my husbands new home.
    Thanks for letting us enter the contest. Up top is the link to the pillow.

    I am following you and am putting you on my blog.

    you can contact me at

    Thanks girl;)