Felt good to sew again!

It had been far too long since I had last done a sewing project, so what better time than a baby's first birthday!? Here they are, the blanket and dressed I sewed for baby Tveen :) Check back soon for a picture of her wearing the dress!

The pattern for the dress is my own take on one from {Mani-Mina} on Etsy. The pattern for the flower was found on {Sew Ritzy Titzy}.

I was gonna just wrap it in a usual gift box, but I felt like using a plain brown bag instead and dressing it up with some paper and ribbon I picked up at {Paper Sky} here in {San Luis Obispo}.

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  1. Hey Girl! I love that dress. what pattern did you use? It wuld look stinkin cute on my nieces. NIcely done! One of these days we need to have a sewing party! Check out thuis site, its brand new for me and i am just getting my feet wet. www.rootedinfabric.etsy.com