So...aside from the utterly TERRIBLE choice for a product name...share your thoughts about the newest {Apple} product - the iPad.


  1. Nice picture frame!

  2. Fairly sure my thoughts will keep evolving as I learn more. At first glance, I'm not sure this device will replace my existing devices -- there's no killer feature that demands I switch. But the thing people seem to be complaining about most -- the lack of multitasking -- actually pleases me. After years on laptops, it's nice to have singular-focus devices -- my Kindle, my iPhone -- capture my attention for a specific task instead of twelve at once.

  3. I think some people don't realize or have forgotten what the most important feature of the iPhone is. It's not the touchscreen, or the browser, or the App store. It's the fact that it fits in your damn pocket.

    Unless you're just gonna walk around clutching this thing to their chest, it's going to be in a case. It's something you'll find yourself using at home, lying around. To me that sounds like a laptop. Name one thing this does better than a laptop (besides costing half of a Macbook.)

    It was supposed to define and inhabit a third device space between mobile and desktop, but I feel like they took everything that can be done with either an iPhone or MB, took out 20% of the features (because who wants to take picture, or listen to music while they surf the web?) and made this new thing do all of the original functions more poorly than the original counterparts.

    Jobs started his speech by saying the device was meant to do a few specific things better than a laptop or phone. What things does this do BETTER? Just going off spec sheets and the demo, I'd say the pluses are: It's a 3G enabled laptop. It's a color eBook reader with the ability to play embeded videos.

    Sorry I went and ranted all over your comments, but I can't say these things officially on the interwebs, hence the anonymous :P

  4. We love ours! My husband has his own business and is always on the go. It's so easy to get directions, pull up contracts, schedules, etc. even reading "sheet music" from it (he's a musician). I love it too, when I'm just chillin and reading my favorite blogs in bed.