Stop Motion Wedding Invite

Be sure to watch this video all the way through.

23-year-olds, Corey McKenna and Rachel Stark, wanted their wedding invitations to be more than just card stock and letterpress - they decided to produce a {stop-motion animation} instead. Four months and 5,500 photos later, this video that there guests would never forget, the 4-minute video was completed. It stars a suit and a party dress as they prepare for a wedding, with Vampire Weekend's song M79 as the soundtrack. The information (date, location, time, etc.)is spelled out using refrigerator magnets. McKenna filmed the route to the wedding from the dash of his car - a clever approach to a "GPS street view." The film was made by patiently photographing each frame in the movie, then uploading the photos as a slideshow in iMovie. He then shortened the length of the picture down to a tenth of a second.

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