JK Wedding Entrance Dance - Forever

On Thursday of last week, a friend of mine sent me a link to this amazing video on You Tube. It quickly spread around the office and then within hours I started seeing it on many of the wedding/design blogs I visit daily! Since its debut on July 19th - this video has had over 12 million views and is taking the web by storm! This choreographed wedding ceremony entrance, to Chris Brown's "Forever" is a hit. It seems as if that video just might have pulled him out of celebrity exile, at least for the moment. Currently in iTunes’ number 9 slot for top purchased songs, Forever’s role in the wedding procession video has managed to help it rise as high as the number 6, and might have even made Chris Brown relevant again. Not only has this been a hit on the web, but on TV as well! Many news stations/shows have been talking about this - The Today Show actually invited the newlyweds to reenact the dance on their show.

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